Policies & Procedures



This page is designed to provide Advisors with the most commonly references policies and procedures for Registered Student Organizastions. As employees of Georgia Tech or the Georgia Tech Alumni Association, advisors are required to familiarize themselves with all Georgia Tech policies. The list below is not exhaustive; the complete Policy Library can be found here and the GT Catalog is available here. 


Registered Student Organizations Policy

Student Code of Conduct

Student Organization Alcohol Policy

Anti-Hazing Statement

Non-Discrimination Policy

Youth Programs Policy

Eligibility for Participation in Extracurriculars - Georgia Tech Catalog XVII


Campus Space Use Procedures 
For more details on booking space for Registered Student Organziations, visit the FAQs on the Capital Planning and Space Management (CPSM) website. 

Advisors are not permitted to sign contracts on behalf of an RSO. RSO leaders are required to enter into contracts on their own behalf, and Georgia Tech may not be listed as a party on any agreement. 

Purchases & Reimbursements
For information on purchasing and reimbursements for RSOs, please visit the Student Organization Finance Office (SOFO) website and select "Purchasing" from the menu. Purchases made using money held in on-campus accounts (e.g., an RSO agency account or an RSO State/SGA account) are held to the policies and procedures outlines on the Business and Finance portion of the Policy Library.