OrgSync: The Basics

Each Registered Student Organization is granted a portal which serves as an online office for all of your organizational needs. There is a plethora of tools available to organizations to help you maximize and leverage membership, create and track events, archive important documents and photos (e.g., liability waivers, historical documents), and more! Below are some links to guide you through the basics of some of the key OrgSync tools. For more help, you can reach out to OrgSync Help (via chat or phone) or the Student Engagement Team ( or 404-894-3458) 

To update your Annual Registration and/or Update your Organization Officers, Profile Photo, Contact Information, etc., click here. 

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  • Use the News tool as a way to provide organization-wide or group-specific updates/newsletters. For example, you might use the News tool to send updates on events to the entire organization roster AND create an independent weekly update for first-year members, new members, or Committee members. To create groups, refer to the People tool details above. Any news post you create can be "Sent as an Email" to your organization or specific groups in your organization. 


Files (Holistic Walkthrough) 

Use the Files tool to archive important documents, liability waivers (keep these for at least 2 years), etc. If your organization loses the password to your Google Drive / Dropbox, we can't recover those documents for you -- anything you upload to Files on OrgSync can be recovered. To ensure privacy of documents (e.g., finances, member rosters, etc.), you can restrict access to particular groups within your organization (e.g., Executive Board, Finance Committee, etc.) 

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