Farewell OrgSync, Welcome Engage!


Farewell OrgSync

You’ve noticed big changes with OrgSync! This summer we migrated from the, now retired, OrgSync to the new Engage platform. Though there is a new look, the system has very similar functionality.  We are learning through the transition and navigating the addition of new platform tools. Additionally, we are exploring how Georgia Tech will adapt to from tools that existed in OrgSync but are still in development for the new platform.


Why is this happening?

Georgia Tech understands the power of innovation and start-ups. We also understand that with innovative tech companies comes mergers and technologies being bought and sold. For more than a decade, OrgSync and Campus Labs independently delivered unique and innovative technology to help colleges and universities increase student engagement. Campus Labs, the parent company of Engage, purchased OrgSync in 2015.

Campus Labs described bringing OrgSync into their organization as a true game changer. “As a unified company, we are now in an ideal position to leverage a greatly expanded student involvement data set to advance engagement and retention,” explains Eric Reich, President and CEO of Campus Labs. “It will be exciting to see what can be accomplished together as a larger contributor to the higher education data ecosystem.”

Two major players in student engagement tracking and management are now one organization and provide one platform. We are committed to continued successful adoption of Engage and ask for your insight and support as we build new, efficient workflow.


How can you help?

First, please read our email updates and check for messages from the Center for Student Engagement regarding the Engage platform. We are continuing to do work focused on optimizing the use of the Engage platform to support both essential and value-added functions. Beginning in August, the Center for Student Engagement will facilitate a host of trainings which will equip participants with the skills they need to fully leverage their Engage portal.


What can I do with my portal now?

We’re pleased to share the following resources for you to use this summer:


What if I have challenges booking space?

The Center for Student Engagement is actively working with OIT to develop automated room reservation access for designated student leaders in Engage. Student leaders who had room reservation access through OrgSync at the end of the Spring semester should still have access.

If your organization is currently unable to reserve space, please email engage@gatech.edu including the name, user ID (i.e. gburdell30), and student organization of the student who would like to receive room reservation access.


What will we call the new platform?

We will be retiring the usage of the OrgSync name and beginning to use Engage in the coming weeks. Please watch for the announcement and help us communicate this exciting news.