What is OrgSync?

In the simplest terms, OrgSync is a web-based system which allows members of the Georgia Tech community to connect with campus and community-based events, programs, and organizations. Outlined below are just some of the ways OrgSync serves the diverse needs of our community.

OrgSync creates an online community for campus that helps departments, programs, and student organizations streamline processes and accelerate engagement. OrgSync supports Student Engagement and other campus departments by improving information sharing, minimizing paper usage, tracking co-curricular involvement, and increasing collective understanding of student engagement in campus life at Georgia Tech.

How do I login?

OrgSync is part of Georgia Tech single sign-on. To do so, simply go to orgsync.gatech.edu and use your Georgia Tech login information to access the system.

How does OrgSync help students?

OrgSync serves as an online hub for involvement opportunities through the community-wide events calendar. The online platform also supports student organization and volunteer engagement through an organization and community partner directory. 


How does OrgSync serve Faculty and Staff?

OrgSync serves as a resource for faculty and staff to share information with students who are interested in learning more about engagement opportunities. 

How does OrgSync help student organization leaders?

OrgSync serves as an online office space and membership engagement tool. It provides resources for leaders to effectively grow and manage their student organizations through event promotion, form building, file management, Annual Registration and involvement tracking. If you do not see your student organization on OrgSync, please reach out to Student Engagement at engage@gatech.edu


How does OrgSync impact student organization advisors?

OrgSync connects Advisors to their student organization in an online office space. Advisors will now verify and review the Student Organization Annual Registration process through OrgSync using an online review process that will be received via email. For questions or support regarding the review process, please email Student Engagement at engage@gatech.edu


Why isn't my student organization listed on OrgSync?

OrgSync's Student Engagement umbrella hosts portals for two groups: 1) registered student organizations in good standing and 2) select campus offices/units. There are generally two reasons why you might not find your student organization on OrgSync. 1) Your organization has not completed the annual registration form or was formally suspended prior to the OrgSync transition. In this case, you will need to attend either an organization chartering session or an OrgSync 101 training. Information about these trainings can be found on the OrgSync community calendar or within the Student Engagement portal. 2) Your organization is not a registered organization; this is common for departmental organizations that are not registered with SGA but are projects of a department, college, or other unit. For further assistance, please email engage@gatech.edu. 

Why can't I reserve space through OrgSync?

OrgSync has been tailored to work in tandem with the existing EMS space reservation processes. Student Organizations that are in good standing are able to reserve rooms through the EMS website. If a member of your executive board is unable to reserve space, they are likely not yet a member of the Room Reservation access group. Please follow this link for details on granting room reservation access to executive members. 

Student Organization Services

What services does Student Engagment offer to Student Organizations?

Student Engagement offers a wide array of services for Student Organizations. From annual renewal and chartering to storage space and mailboxes, Student Engagement is able to aid student organizations in building capacity, facilitating leadership transitions, and much more. Please see the FAQs below for more information. 

How do I request a mailbox? Where do I send mail?

Student Organizations in good standing are invited to request a mailbox in the Student Engagement suite. Organizations that have reserved a mailbox for an academic year may receive regular and over-sized mail in the Student Engagement suite; mailboxes are also accessible outside of regular business hours with BuzzCard access. 

Boxes are issued for a fee of $10 payable by check or internal balance transfer. Organizations seeking a new mailbox off-cycle will pay a prorated fee. All mailbox requests are received through OrgSync.

Student Organizations that have not requested a mailbox may not have mail delivered to the Student Engagement suite; after the first error, all mail received without a corresponding box will be returned to sender. Please click here for the mailing address (note: it is not necessary to include your assigned box number on shipments).




What storage options are available to Student Organizations? How do I reserve storage space?

Student Organizations in good standing are invited to request a storage cabinet in the Student Engagement suite. There are 3 types/sizes of storage cabinets available to suit a variety of storage needs; all units are assigned on a first come, first served basis. For more information about available cabinets, please email us. Storage cabinets are accessible during all regular business hours, and can be accessed outside of regular business hours with advance notice. 

Storage cabinets are issued for a fee of $40 payable by check or internal balance transfer and are renewed on an annual basis. Organizations seeking a new storage cabinet off-cycle will pay a prorated fee. All storage cabinet requests are received through OrgSync


Does Student Engagement offer community supplies for events, programs, etc.?

While most materials must be supplied by Student Organizations, Student Engagement does offer a limited range of free cleaning supplies for Student Organization events. Organizations have access to large black trash bags, disinfecting wipes, and disposable cleaning rags to facilitate preparation and clean up for on-campus Organization-led events. For more information on accessing these supplies, feel free email or call us (404-894-3458). 

What printing options are available to Student Organizations? How can my organization obtain a printing code?

Subsidized by SGA, Student Engagement maintains a multi-function printing unit in the Suite 2211. The machine is able to copy, print, and scan/send documents on a variety of sizes and types of paper. Black/White and color options are available. The unit is available for use outside of regular business hours with BuzzCard access. Requests for obtaining Organization copy codes are currently being processed via email. The initial cost of a copier code is $30 -- this provides an initial printing credit of $30; credits roll over at the end of academic years. 

Does Student Engagement have space available for meetings, programs, or events? How can I reserve space with Student Engagement?

Student Engagement has three available spaces for Student Organization needs. The Student Engagement Suite (2211 Student Center Commons, above Subway) is an open space available for student organizations to utilize for planning, executive board meetings, small interviews, etc. The space also maintains four computers for Student Organizations - these desktops are connected to the printer (access via Organization copy code), Office suite, and Adobe CS6. This space may not be reserved, and is available on a first come, first served basis. 

Student Engagement also maintains two conference-style rooms; each has a projector with HDMI hookup and whiteboard. The Pine Room (seats 14) and Spring Room (seats 8) may be reserved by organizations in good standing and other campus units. There is no fee associated with reserving the Pine or Spring room for on campus groups. A group may only have 3 standing reservations for either room at any time. To request a room reservation, email us or give us a call (404-894-3458)