RSO Online Operations FAQ

Registered Student Organizations Online Operations FAQ


Updated March 18, 2020 at 3:30pm

Q: My organization hosts elections in the Spring. How can I host my elections online? 

A: Through Engage, your Organization officers have the ability to create internal elections online! Follow this link to learn how to build your organization's election on Engage! 




Q: What if my organization needs to host an in-person meeting, "town hall", "candidate forum", or "slate" before we  host an election? 

A: The Office of Special Events and Protocol has a great online resource on how to host virtual events. You can also use software like Blue Jeans and/or Zoom to host your elections meeting. 




Q: My organization still wants to hold meetings this semester. What are ways that I can make sure my online meetings are effective? 

A:  It's important for your organization to stay connected and active, even if you have to do it online! Below are a few helpful tips on how to host a successful online meeting: 

  • Create an agenda 
    • Make the agenda clear and time-sensitive
    • Be realistic about the amount of time each topic will take
    • Avoid an over-crowded agenda, if choices must be made, leave more time for important issues
    • Don't forget to send out the meeting agenda to your organization ahead of time!
      • Pro Tip: This way, everyone will be able to follow along can anticipate what will be discussed
  • Schedule the meeting and invite participants 
    • Use scheduling tools like Calendly and Doodle Poll to find a convenient meeting time for organization members
    • Create meeting links ahead of time so participants will be prepared to join
    • Programs like Webex and Blue Jeans are great online meeting software to utilize 
      • ​Pro Tip: You can record your meeting and send it to members who were not able to attend!  
  • Mute participants 
    • ​Muting participants as they join and throughout the meeting will keep white-noise at bay and limit distractions 
  • Be positive! 
    • It may be challenging to host an online meeting for the first time. Stay positive! As an organization leader, your attitude could impact the larger group. If you're experiencing technical difficulties, remain calm, this is a learning process. 
  • Send a meeting recap email 
    • Once the meeting is over, make sure to send a recap email with attached meeting notes or a recorded video of the meeting. Communication is key!


If you have any questions or need additional resources, please connect with the Student Engagement team at