Registered Student Organization COVID-19 Updates

Update: Registered Student Organization Activities & COVID-19

Updated: March 13, 2020 at 2:10 PM

All Registered Student Organization (RSO) on-campus events scheduled until March 29th should be postponed or canceled. We strongly encourage you to reconsider off-campus Registered Student Organization events/high density gatherings (banquets, mixers, service projects, formals, competitions, group meetings, etc.) during the 2-week period of suspended instruction (March 16 – March 29). 

Additionally, we encourage your organizations to seriously consider what it would be like for your planned events and programs to either not occur on the scheduled date (after 3/29) OR to not occur this semester.

President Cabrera has stated that it is essential we accelerate our preparation efforts to move all classes and parts of our research and administration to a distance format. In line with this recommendation, we’re working with our Registered Student Organizations to prepare accordingly. 

During and following the 2-week period of suspended instruction, we will likely receive updated recommendations and protocol regarding events. As such, consider the following risk management questions/scenarios to best plan:

What reservations, contracts, and other commitments can be amended or cancelled in the event our program cannot continue as scheduled?

What is the communication plan for updating participants and other members of new information?

What alternative mediums could be utilized to host a virtual program

How can my organization leadership best preserve the health and safety of our members and the greater community?

Be assured we will communicate pertinent updates for RSOs as soon as we are made aware.  Please be consistently checking the GT website while you are away for Spring Break as the situation can change daily, if not hourly.  Updates can be found at: 

The Center for Student Engagement team is a resource to you as you navigate the coming weeks. Please reach out to us at or at 404-894-3458 for assistance. Updates will additionally be posted on the Student Organizations website and Engage.


Take care,

Dr. Gerome Stephens (Dean of Students and Director of Center for Student Engagement)

Quinn Foster (Director of Student Organizations)

Victoria Redmon (Coordinator of Student Organizations)