Leader Summit


Sunday, September 26th | 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM

Are you an aspiring leader or current campus leader? Join us for the Leader Summit to network with your fellow leaders, connect with powerful resources, and engage in leadership development modules!

What? Leader Summit is a leadership development and training conference hosted by the Center for Student Engagement and the Student Government Association. Each fall, this event brings together Tech's returning and new leaders for a day of collaboration, training, information, and preparation with a collective goal in mind: preparing our organization leaders to make meaningful change in their student organizations.

Who? All students are invited to attend Leader Summit. Even if you don't think of yourself as a leader, if you've never held an elected position on campus or if you've been the President of an org -- Leader Summit is for you. To support our Registered Student Organizations (RSOs), we encourage each RSO to send at least two representatives: a current officer and an emerging leader (a junior office or a member the organization is encouraging to run for future officer roles). 

Spots are limited - RSVP today! As a participant of this event, you will receive exclusive RSO Leader swag and GOLD Route credit! 

2021 Schedule

Time Desc
9:30 AM  Check-In
10:00 AM Facilitation with Michael Miller
12:00 PM  Lunch 
1:45 PM  Facilitation with Michael Miller
3:30 PM VIP Guest Speaker 
4:00 PM Closing

History of the Leader Summit 

Originally, the Leader Summit was started as the President's Summit, a program hosted by the President's Council Governing Board (PCGB). PCGB (an RSO from 2006-2018) created the Leader Summit to help fulfill their organizational mission to "promote communication among student organizations, education of students, diversity and interaction within the campus, and collaboration among organizations." In the 10+ years since the creation of the Leaders Summit, the event has continued to bring together students from across Georgia Tech to provide resources, venues for discussion, and collaboration among our 550+ student organizations. 

What will I do at the Leader Summit? 

The Leader Summit has 3 core learning outcomes, but we work with current GT students each year to ensure that the curriculum and activities reflect the real needs and desires of our student leaders. As a result of attending the President’s Summit, participants will:  

  1. Meet key professional and student leaders at Georgia Tech  

  1. Name the core components of their personal leadership role 

  1. Identify the resources available to them in their leadership roles and to their RSO 


In 2021, the Summit will work in cooperation with leadership facilitator Michael Miller to explore issues and practices for which student leaders at Tech continually request support and training. The Summit will  on personal leadership development skill-building, motivation, and community building in your organization. Our goal is to work together to explore your own leadership path and the way you may be more effectively engaging passionately with your student organization. The retreat will explore questions like: How can I build strategies to lead sustainable change for my student origination? How may I better manage issues of membership engagement? How can I make my organization more open environment for new members?


The theme of for the 2020 Leader Summit was: Catalyst for Change. The sessions in 2020 focused on creating community and an atmosphere of inclusivity by discussing topics such as racial injustice, issues of inequity, and other social justice topics that directly and indirectly affect the lives of Georgia Tech students and the Atlanta community. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the 2020 Summit was fully virtual and included a focus on helping student leaders create community and engage their members while functioning in a fully-remote or virtual context. 

The sessions hosted at the 2020 summit included: 

Cultivating an Inclusive Organization | Rotation 1 & Rotation 2 
Intro to Organization Finances | Rotation 1 & Rotation 2 
Knowing Your Virtual Audience | Rotation 1 
Creating Community Through Covid | Rotation 1 
Promoting Health & Well-Being for Student Organization Leaders | Rotation 2 & Rotation 3 
Leadership Skills: Self-Awareness | Rotation 2 & Rotation 3 
Student Organization Fundraising | Rotation 3 
Tips & Tricks for Virtual Engagement | Rotation 3
Networking Session | Rotation 4


In 2019, the Leader Summit transitioned to a conference-style program where attendees chose the sessions and topics that were most relevant to their personal goals and officer position. The following sessions were offered: 

Counseling Center 
Audience: All & Aspiring Leaders | Rotation 1 & Rotation 2 

Student organizations and engagement opportunities play a tremendous role in student mental health. In this session facilitated by Dr. Carla Bradley (Director of the Counseling Center), participants will learn about the services the GTCC provides, how to best access those services, and how to help fellow leaders and students access care.     

Intro to Organization Finances 
Audience: Organization Officers | Rotation 1 & Rotation 3 

Student organizations at Georgia Tech have a cumulative budget of $5.25 million and make up 770 finance accounts on campus. Join this session presented by the Student Organization Finance Office (SOFO) for an introduction to organization accounting, tips and tricks for spending your allocated funds, and dedicated Q&A time with the Director of SOFO.  

Diversity & Inclusion 

Audience: All & Aspiring Leaders | Rotation 1 & Rotation 2 

In this session, student leaders will learn about the offices and centers represented by the Advocacy, Inclusion and Support Collective in the Division of Student Life (Student Diversity Programs, the LGBTQIA Resource Center, the Veteran's Resource Center, and the Women's Resource Center). We'll share information about diversity and inclusion resources, how individual students and student organizations can engage with our offices, and how to get engaged with diversity and inclusion work at Georgia Tech. During our session, leaders will take part in an identity-mapping exercise that will give them an opportunity to reflect on how their identities impact their leadership experiences, as well as learn how to take this exercise back to their student organizations.  

Effective Event Planning 
Audience: All & Aspiring Leaders | Rotation 1 & Rotation 3 

Successful events don’t happen by accident. This session, presented by Serena Wallace and Jillian Cruser of the Institute’s  Special Events team, will prepare students to plan and execute successful events on campus. Come prepared for Q&A with the experts and get ready to plan a mock event from conception, to planning and invitations, catering, and through implementation.  

Managing the Middle  

Audience: All & Aspiring Leaders | Rotation 1 & Rotation 2 

Founded on the principles in the celebrated book “Motivating the Middle: Fighting Apathy in College Student Organizations,” this session will introduce solutions to a nearly universal challenge in student organizations: how to engage your peers who want to help, who care about your organization and mission, and who hold the key to energizing your entire organization. Come learn how to end the 80%/20% ratio within your organization. 

Knowing Your Strengths 

Audience: All & Aspiring Leaders | Rotation 2 & Rotation 4 

Are you interested in learning more about yourself and using your abilities in a meaningful way? In this session, participants will be introduced to the world-renowned CliftonStrengths model. Through interactive modules, participants will gain an initial understanding of how knowing our personal strengths helps leaders build and manage teams, delegate tasks, and create success.  

Promoting Health & Wellbeing for Leaders and Organizations 
Audience: All & Aspiring Leaders | Rotation 2 & Rotation 3 

GT students are some of the hardest working, highest succeeding in the world, and our student leaders take on the additional opportunity and burden of creating meaningful change in our communities through their organizations. This session is dedicated to inviting student leaders into the cornerstone of continued success in academic and organizational pursuits: building a culture and practice of personal and group well-being. Facilitated by Director of Health Initiatives Joi Alexander, this session will introduce you to the many opportunities for you and your organizations to take care of yourselves first so that you can achieve all you set out to do. 

Leadership Skills: Self-Awareness 
Audience: All & Aspiring Leaders | Rotation 3 & Rotation 4 

To successfully manage others, leaders must first know how to manage themselves. Critical to the skill of managing teams is the fundamental ability of self-awareness. In this session facilitated by Stacey Doremus, Assistant Director of LEAD, participants will engage with insights and tools to better develop their self-awareness and understand how to leverage this skill in their leadership positions.  

Grad Leader Roundtable  

Audience: Graduate Students | Rotation 4 

Graduate student organizations are one of the fastest growing categories on campus. In this roundtable session, grad students are invited to share conversation, insights, and camaraderie with their peers, make meaningful connections, and chat about what’s on the horizon for grad-student leaders at GT. Grad SGA President Narayan Shirolkar and Joint Vice-President Venkatesh Muppaneni will facilitate conversation and collect your insights for future programs. 

Student Organization Fundraising 
Audience: Organization Officers | Rotation 4 

Looking for funding for a new or returning initiative for your student organization? Unsure where to look or what to say? In this interactive session, Mr. Will McKenna, Coordinator of the Parent Fund, will guide participants through every stage of the grant writing process: from identifying and articulating funding needs for an audience, spending allocated funds, and writing a summary report.  

Engage 101 Workshop  
Audience: Organization Officers | Rotation 3 & Rotation 4 

What is Engage? How do I use it?  Do you have questions about the platform or it's many capabilities? Bring your lunch and laptop for this drop-in workshop designed to help Student Organizations understand, utilize, troubleshoot, and maximize their new Engage portals. In the workshop, participants will live-update their organization portals -- you'll get hands-on, individualized assistance with everything from updating officer and member rosters to promoting upcoming events and opportunities.