Fall Student Organizations Fairs


Welcome to the central resource for Georgia Tech's FALL 2020 ORGANIZATION FAIRS. Click on the images above to navigate to 2 sections of this page: 

1) Information for Organizations (tabling at the Fair) AND 
Information for Students (individuals looking to learn more and get connected with our Registered Student Organizations)



Each Fall and Spring semester, the Center for Student Engagement and SGA host the Organizations Fair which provides students opportunities to connect with our 550+ Registered Student Organizations. 

In Fall 2020, we will host TWO unique organization fairs. 


Fair Name Dates Audience*
Week of Welcome Fair August 8-15 First-Year & Transfer Students
Fall Organizations Fair  August 24-28 All Students

*Each fair is open to and inclusive of international and graduate students. The Week of Welcome fair is part of Week of Welcome and targeted for First-Year Undergraduates and incoming Undergraduate Transfers. 

In addition to hosting a number of our student organizations, the Fall Organizations Fair will include Departments and Offices from across campus. Got a question? There's an office for that. Check out the fair to also learn more about campus resources and engagement opportunities. 


Q: What is an RSO?

A: An RSO, or a Registered Student Organization, is a group (created by students, for students) that was designed to fulfill a specific mission at Georgia Tech and has met the requirements to be formally recognized by SGA. We have 10 categories of RSOs at GT and with around 550+ RSOs, you're sure to find your niche! 


Q: How do I participate in the Organization Fairs? 
A: This year, both the Week of Welcome and Fall Organization Fairs will be taking place entirely online. There are many ways to participate in the virtual fair; here's how to get started: 


  1. Visit Engage (engage.gatech.edu) and sign in using your GT credentials.  
  2. Search. Using the Universal search bar (middle of the home page) use keywords to find organizations that you might be interested in joining. You can also check out the EVENTS tab at the top of Engage to search by event category, time, and location OR browse the ORGANIZATIONS tab to check out RSOs by their name and category. 
  3. Learn. In Engage (or on the Engage mobile app called CORQ), each RSO has a page called a "portal." On an RSO portal, you can learn more about their mission/purpose, browse through past and future events (and add them to your calendar!), and find the contact information for each group. If you have questions for the RSO that aren't answered on their portal (when do you meet? what is the time commitment like for your organization? what can I expect in my first semester?), don't be shy about reaching out to get more information! The officers for each RSO are listed on their portal and they'd love to hear from you (Seriously. RSOs participate in the org fair because they want to meet you!



  1. Visit FlipGrid (https://flipgrid.com/gtorgfair). No sign-in is required, but if you want to leave a message or a question for an RSO in FlipGrid, go ahead and log-in to the platform using your GT credentials (hint: select the red "Log-in with Microsoft" option). 
  2. Search by category. You'll find all 11 of our RSO categories plus a few extra categories to give you all the details you'll need to get involved this semester. 
    1. Campus Partners 
    2. First-Year Leadership Orgs (FLOs) 
    3. RSOs (11 categories: Academic & Professional, Civic Engagement, Competitive, Competitive Sports, Cultural, Fraternity & Sorority Life, Honors Societies, Political, Production/Performance, Publication, Recreation/Leisure, Religious/Spiritual)
    4. International Student Welcome 
  3. Interact. Found something you're interested in learning more about? Leave a comment or question on their video (remember: you'll need to be logged in for this) to get more information. If you haven't already, you can also check ou that RSO's Engage portal to find more details about their group, find their contact information, and even join in a Meet and Greet or Informational Meeting (if applicable). 



  1. During the Fall Organizations Fair (the second week of classes), RSOs and departments can choose to host introductory meetings and events (like a Meet & Greet or an Informational Session) to provide an opportunity for prospective members to interact live with their leaders.
  2. To check if an RSO or department is hosting one of these live informational sessions, visit their Engage portal and look under "Events". 


Q: Wait, what is this about "GOLD Route credit" if I attend an org fair? 
A: Designed for students who hope to hold a leadership position and for students who are active as members of officers in one (or more!) or Georgia Tech's 550+ Student Organizations, the GOLD Route program equips participants with the skills and knowledge they need to make meaningful change in their student leadership roles and in their leadership beyond GT. If you're a first-year or transfer student looking to get involved OR if you're a returning student looking to deepen your engagement on campus, the GOLD Route is a great path to guide you on your journey. Attending either of the Org Fairs earns you credit toward completion of the GOLD Route. Click here for more info. 


Q: How do I connect with an RSO that I would like to learn more about or join? 
If you haven't already, be sure to check out their Engage portal and RSVP'ing for an upcoming virtual event or signing up for their newsletter. Remember: RSOs want and need members LIKE YOU to achieve their mission. 

Registration for the Virtual Organization Fair went live on Friday, June 26th 2020 @ noon on Engage


This fall, the Center for Student Engagement and SGA are hosting 2 Student Organizations Fairs! Check out the details below and feel free to reach out with any questions to engage@gatech.edu. 

The Basics


Week of Welcome Fair

Fall Student Organizations Fair


Week of August 8th

Week of August 24th


Virtual via FlipGrid**, BlueJeans, and Engage


First-Year & Transfer

All Students


Each RSO will have: 1) an updated Engage portal with opportunities for virtual engagement (i.e., videos, events), 2) a video on FlipGrid in their respective category, and 3) have an opportunity to host a Meet & Greet Event during the fair.

Additionally, CSE and SGA will be hosting campus-wide informational events to help new and returning students connect to RSOs. Some topics will include: 1) how do I join an RSO? 2) why should I join an RSO (especially if they’re going virtual)? 


**The FlipGrid platform will remain live throughout the semester. 


Given that all students will be interacting in a significantly more virtual manner than years past, our RSOs need to be more strategic than ever in crafting a robust online presence. To ensure that all RSOs are properly prepared to receive and engage with online visitors and potential members, we have established a set of requirements to participate in the fair. Keep in mind that while this work may take a robust effort at the beginning, it will pay off not only for the fairs this Fall but also for the remainder of the year (and potentially into next Summer).

Requirements for RSOs to participate:

The following items must be completed in order for an RSO to be included in the Fall Organizations Fair. 

  1. Must be a Registered Student Organization or FLO in Active Standing 

  2. Must have a complete Annual Registration (AR) 

    1. What does it mean to have a complete AR? 

    2. How do I check the status of my AR? Visit bit.ly/rso2020.

  3. Must submit an Organization Tabling registration form 

  4. Must Enhance your Engage page

    1. For more detail, check out the FAQ section below. Items with * are required. 

    2. *Add an Organization Profile Photo 

    3. *Edit your org’s About section; include mission/vision, contact info, and how to join

    4. Add photos and/or videos to your gallery

  5. Must record and submit a video to your category the Organization Fair FlipGrid 


Requirements for Departments of GT to participate:

The following items must be completed in order to be included in the Fall Organizations Fair. 

  1. Must submit an Organization Tabling registration form 

  2. Must Enhance your Engage page (Division of Student Life only). If your Department does not have an Engage page, you may list a separate website. 

    1. For more detail, check out the FAQ section below. Items with * are required. 

    2. *Add an Organization Profile Photo 

    3. *Edit your org’s About section; include mission/vision, contact info, and how to join

    4. Add photos and/or videos to your gallery

  3. Must record and submit a video to your category the Organization Fair FlipGrid 


In addition to these requirements, we strongly suggest that RSOs consider the following for maximum impact and virtual engagement: 

  1. Create a robust “About” section on your Engage portal. Consider adding an “elevator pitch” -- outside of the basics of how to join and when you meet, tell new members how they will benefit from your organization, perks of being a member, and the events or program you’re known for. *NEW* Engage can now host videos in the About section of all portals. 

  2. If appropriate, upload the video you share to FlipGrid to your Engage portal in the Gallery and/or About sections. 

  3. In your gallery, add photos and videos that show what it’s like to be a member of your RSO- from general body meetings to your key events, tell the story of your RSO!

  4. Create additional videos from current/past members and leaders to share why your organization is important, what they gained, and why a new member should join; share these on your Engage portal 

  5. Host a Meet and Greet (or another introductory event) event for potential new members with your leaders and current members. For increased exposure, RSOs that build and promote their event using the Events tool in Engage will be additionally highlighted by CSE during the fairs. 

  6. Consider doing a Takeover Tuesday on the @engageGT Instagram. 

Information Sessions

This Fall, we will host both the Week of Welcome Fair and Fall Student Student Organization Fairs online using FlipGrid. We know this is a little different than the past, but we are excited for this virtual engagement opportunity!

Join the Center for Student Engagement for a virtual information session and learn more about how student organizations can participate in the Week of Welcome Fair (August 8-16) and the Fall Student Organizations Fair (August 24-27).  In these sessions, we will discuss the following items:

·  The Organization Fair Sign-Up Procedure

·  Walkthrough of the Student Organization Fair(s)

·  An Overview of FlipGrid (and how to use it)

Tuesday, June 23 @ 4:00 PM - RSVP HERE

Thursday, June 25 @ 12:30 PM – RSVP HERE

Did you miss the infomation sessions? Not to worry! Click here to view the recorded webinar.



1) What happened to the FASET fairs? Why are there only 2 fairs?  

In past years, each in-person FASET session featured a Student Organizations Fair (commonly known as the FASET Fairs). With the on-going construction of the new Campus Center, FASET faced drastic reduction in space available to host traditional 2-day FASET sessions; they thus transitioned to a new 1-day FASET model. The move from 2-day FASET to 1-day FASET initiated the collaboration between New Student and Transition Programs (the office that hosts FASET) and the Center for Student Engagement to transition the FASET Fairs (now only 2 fairs) to management by the Center for Student Engagement. Shortly after this transition, the new challenge of COVID-19 and remote instruction came to light and further changed the landscape of RSO Fairs over Summer 2020. Here’s a simplified timeline:

Previous Years

Revised Plan (before COVID)

Current Plan (during COVID)

1) NSTP hosted FASET Fairs during each FASET 2-day  session over summer months

3) Due to Campus Center construction (and impact on space available for FASET sessions), NSTP moved 1-day FASET sessions AND to only two FASET Fairs in Summer 2020: (1) fair during June for Summer First-Year students and (1) fair during Week of Welcome. 

5) Due to COVID-19, the June fair for Summer First-Year students has been canceled. The Week of Welcome fair, for all First-Year and Transfer students, will take place the week of August 8th. This fair will be entirely virtual and hosted by CSE.

2) Center for Student Engagement (CSE) hosted Fall and Spring Student Organization fairs during Engagement Week.

4) CSE and NSTP collaborated to move management of Summer (“FASET”)  fairs to CSE oversight and create a streamlined RSO fair experience for student leaders and participants.  

CSE planned to host 3 fairs including the 2 which moved over from NSTP: 1) Summer First-Year Fair (June), 2) Week of Welcome Fair (August), 3) Fall Student Organizations Fair (2nd week of class/Engagement Week). 

6) The Fall Student Organizations Fair (a part of Engagement Week) will occur the week of August 24-28th.  This fair will be entirely virtual and hosted by CSE. 


Click here to visit the New Student and Transition Programs website for more detailed information and for contact information for FASET questions.

2) Why are the organization fairs changing?

Because of the on-going construction and the transition to 1-day FASET, many campus departments are collaborating to develop a week-long program that provides similar opportunities as would traditionally be provided at 2-day FASETs. Georgia Tech’s Week of Welcome (WOW) is a campus-wide set of events, workshops, and activities designed to welcome and acclimate new students to the Institute and the city of Atlanta. Georgia Tech’s first WOW takes place at the start of the Fall 2020 semester and is packed with social and informational programming.  There will be many opportunities to interact with Yellow Jacket students, faculty and staff. To learn more about Week of Welcome, visit welcomehome.gatech.edu.

3) What are the biggest changes for the GT Community? First-year students have traditionally moved in on the Thursday before the first day of classes. This year new students will have the opportunity to move in a full week before the first day of class allowing them to learn about their new campus home. Campus partners including faculty and staff will be engaging with new students throughout the week to support their transition.

4) What do you mean by “Enhance my Engage portal?” 

Given that all students will be interacting in a significantly more virtual manner than years past, our RSOs need to be more strategic than ever in crafting a robust online presence. To ensure that all RSOs are properly prepared to receive and engage with online visitors and potential members, we encourage you to create an Engage portal that you, back in your first-year days, would’ve found helpful and interesting. Check out the Alternative Service Breaks portal and the Center for Student Engagement portal for examples.

5) How do I update the About Section on my Engage portal? What should I put in the About section? Visit this resource for details on how to update the About section. Tips: add your organization's mission/vision, how to join your organization, what time your organization usually meets, the benefits of being a member, etc. 

6) What should I include in my RSO’s FlipGrid video? 

Your FlipGrid video should be 1-2 minutes long (the FlipGrid platform will not accept uploads longer than 2 minutes) so be strategic about what you include! Similar to your Engage portal, your FlipGrid video should include mission/vision, contact info, and information on how to join your organization. Flipgrid allows you to either record or upload a video, the format is up to you!  Your video could include pictures and/or videos from your organization events, a hello from your president, or anything in between. Just make sure the video is concise and appropriate. To view examples from another RSO fair, click here.

7) Who do I add pictures and/or videos to my Engage portal gallery?  Visit this resource for details on how to update your RSO profile picture. NOTE: You must first upload a photo to the Gallery before adding a video. If you have no photos or videos in your Gallery, the Gallery will not appear on the home page of your portal. 

8) How do I update my RSO profile picture on Engage? Visit this resource for details on how to update your RSO profile picture. 

9) Where do I upload my FlipGrid video? Visit our FlipGrid (https://flipgrid.com/gtorgfair) and log in to FlipGrid using your GT username and password. Locate your organization’s category and upload your video there. Unsure about your RSO’s official category? Verify here or email Center for Student Engagement at engage@gatech.edu

10) Where can I access the Infomation Session powerpoint? Click here to view the Infomation Session powerpoint and resources