Become a Student Org Advisor

Become a Student Org Advisor

Have You Ever Thought About Advising a Student Organization?

Have you ever thought about becoming an Advisor for a Registered Student Organization (RSO)? We need your help! Every year our students create creative and innovative student orgs, but sometimes have a struggle finding an organization Advisor. 

The Center for Student Engagement is aiming to create an “Advisor Bank” for new and existing RSOs to use as a resource to find a faculty/staff Advisor for their organizations. 

Why Should You Be an RSO Advisor? 
The Advisor role is a critical part of all of Georgia Tech’s RSOs, and you will play an equally important role to supporting the mission of the group you advise! Below are just a few benefits of Advising an RSO: 

  1. Service: Advising will give you the opportunity to make a difference in the Tech community!
  2. Professional Development: You get to see students develop new skills and grow as individuals and as a group!
  3. Fun: You’ll have fun helping students enhance their college experience! 

What Would My Responsibilities Be as an Advisor?
Advising a student organization can be a fun and rewarding experience; however, it does require making a commitment to the registered student organization and forming a partnership with Student Engagement to understand the responsibilities of your role.

Click Here for more information about Advisor roles & responsibilities. 

Sounds Cool, Right? Join Us! 

If you are interested in serving as an RSO Advisor, please fill out our Engage form.