Annual Registration


The Annual Registration process for student organizations updates and archives information regarding the basic details and practices of each group. To remain in good standing, an organization must maintain a current and complete registration with the Center for Student Engagement. The annual registration window stretches from April to August of each calendar year - during this time, current and suspended Registered Student Organizations (RSOs) must update their organization's profile and seek their advisor's review. 


Important Notes

  • All RSOs must 1) complete their registration form and to have it approved by their advisor AND 2) submit 3 Positions (Senior Officer, Finance Officer, and Advisor) by May 1, 2019 to remain in good standing. Organizations that have not completed their registration and had it approved by their advisor will be suspended as of May 2, 2019.
  • An organization officer must be an Administrator to access the annual registration form. The form can be completed by any officer of the organization. 
  • Your annual registration will not be approved by Student Engagement until it is reviewed and approved by your organization's advisor. Click here for information on Advisor's approval.  
  • Your registration must be completed at least once per year during the Registration window. You may update your officers, however, at any point using the Positions tool. Click here for information on how to fill an Officer position. 


Want to check on your progress with the May 1st requirements? Visit this link:



Frequently Asked Questions

How do I access my annual registration form? 

To access your annual registration form, you must be an Administrator in your organization's portal. Outgoing Administrators are responsible for adding incoming officers to the Annual Registration form before their departure. Once the officer is added to the Administrators group, they will visit your portal and select "Settings > Organization Settings > Update and Renew Profile." If your previous administrator is gone, contact the Student Engagement office for further assistance.

A detailed walk-through of how to add a portal administrator is available here. 


When do I have to complete my annual registration? 
A new annual registration must be completed at least once a year; the deadline for the annual update is May 1. Organizations which have not met this minimum requirement will face suspension on May 2. Your organization is welcome to update your registration any time you'd like to change information which appears in your OrgSync portal (e.g., Meeting Dates), or when other changes occur within your organization (e.g., constitution updates, roster updates). 


What questions are on the annual registration form?
Questions on the annual registration form are desigend to keep track of the basic functions and information for your organization. The form includes questions like meeting time and date, social media information, and events as well as record keeping such as organization roster, constitution, and financial details. Click here for a list of all questions, as well as tips on answering them successfully.


How do I update my officers on OrgSync? 

Beginning in December 2018, organizations will gain two new ways to update and track their officer records. An overview of the how to udpate an officer using the Positions tool is available here.


How do I update my Advisor on OrgSync? 

Advisors will be updated in the same way as the officers for your organziation: the Positions tool. Click here for more information on using the Positions tool.

How do my officers or my advisor complete their required forms?

When you list an OrgSync user as a new officer for your organization (using either the Annual Registration form or the Positions tool in your portal), the user you list will receive an email from OrgSync requesting their completion of forms required for their position. This email will come directly from OrgSync; if a user is having difficulty locating the email, they should search their inbox for emails from OrgSync. An officer can also complete their forms by visiting OrgSync, opening the profile toolbar (by clicking on their name in the top right corner) and selecting Activity from the drop down menu. once on teh Activity screen, select "Position Requests" on the far left to access any pending position forms.

The officers listed on the home page of your organization's OrgSync portal will not be updated until each officer completes their required forms.


How does my advisor approve my annual registration submission? 

When you submit your annual registration form, OrgSync automatically sends an email to your advisor requesting their review. The only method for your advisor to approve your registration is by clicking the link in this automatically generated email. If your advisor is having difficulty locating the email, they should search their inbox for emails from OrgSync. If they are still unable to locate the email, contact Student Engagement for assistance.

Why aren't my officers or my advisor updated on my portal?
If your officers or advisor are not updated on your portal, it is likely they have not completed the required forms for their positions. Once the forms are submitted, they will be reviewed by Student Engagement for completion; Student Engagement then approves the form, and the updates will be visible on your portal.

Why aren't my updates appearing on my OrgSync portal?

Your updates to your OrgSync portal (not including officer/advisor positions) will only take effect after your registration has 1) been approved by your Advisor and 2) been reviewed and approved by Student Engagement. If you have additional questions regarding the status of your registration form, please contact Student Engagement. I


Where do I find more information on managing my OrgSync portal? 
Check out this link for more info. If you still can't find the answer to your question, email Student Engagement (engage (at) or chat/email with the OrgSync team.



Components of the Annual Registration Form 
Items with an asterisk (*) are mandatory. 

Basic Information
Organization Name* & Abbreviated Name 

Your organization name and abbreviated name may only be changed by an OrgSync administrator. If your organization would like to edit or add details for either of these areas, please email If your organization commonly goes by an abbreviated name (e.g, SHPE, ASB, SWE, etc.), please be sure that name is listed on your registration -- this how is how other students will search for your organization portal!

Organization Category*

Your organization category may only changed by an OrgSync administrator. Organization category may have an impact on the kinds of funding you organization is eligible to receive; for more information, refer to the Joint Finance Committee policy


The description you include in your annual registration will be the first information new and potential members will see in your organization profile -- take advantage of this by including a short and exciting blurb about your organization's mission, the programs or events you host, and an invitation to join the portal. 


Keywords will be the tool most often used to find your organization. Be strategic! Imagine that you are a new student -- what words would you use to find the organization you're looking for? For example, someone new to Tech wouldn't know the strength training group is called Barbell Club, so you might include words related to strength training such as: deadlift, squat, weight, barbell, bench, press, gym, strength, etc. 

Here are some areas to include: 

Type of member: 1st year, 2nd year, grad-student, grad-friendly, transfer, international
Variations on a root word: Volunteer, Volunteers, Volunteering 


If you have it, list it! If you don't maintain an independent page, you can feel free to list a Facebook page here. 

Profile Icon*

Organizations must include a profile icon. If you don't have a go-to logo or photo, find a stock photo which represents your organization's mission or activities. The profile icon upload is located on the right hand side of the Annual Registration form. 

Constitution & By-Laws*

Your organization's most recent constitution will already be attached to your organization's most recent registration; if you have updated or amended your constitution, be sure to upload the newest version with your new registration. 


The roster you upload to your Annual Registration form will be the official record of your organization's roster. This must be updated every year; form submissions without an updated roster will be denied.

All RSO's are required to have 5 current student members on their membership roster to remain in Active standing; this number includes any officer positions on your executive board. Your roster must include the First Name, Last Name, and GT email for each student member listed. Membership may be utilized to determine funding allocations.

Organization Management & Membership 
Member Requirements & Selections*

Make this section easy on yourself by copying and pasting membership process and requirements directly from your organization's constitution. 

Officer Elections Timeline* 
     - When do you host elections 
     - When do new officers take office? 

What types of events do you host? 
Select the kinds of events you host throughout the year. This assists the Student Engagement team with connecting you to a variety of important resources to help plan your events accordingly. 

Finance Information 
We collect basic financial details for organizations to assist with 1) organization's financial management and 2) to provide up-to-date information to campus funding sources including SGA, BuzzFunds, etc. 

Contact Information

Social Media Handles 

On the last page of your registration, please confirm that the name, email address, and title of your advisor are correct. OrgSync will automatically generate an email seeking your advisor's approval and send it to the address listed. If the address is incorrect, your advisor cannot approve of your registration form. We strongly recommend that Presidents message their advisor independently after completing the registration form requesting their review and approval.