2018 Constitution Updates

Beginning in Fall 2017, the Center for Student Engagement's Student Organizations teams began the process of a formal review of registered student organization (RSO) constitutions (not including social Fraternities & Sororities) in an effort to help organizations become or remain compliant with SGA Joint Campus Organization Committee policy. This page is designed to assist organization leadership in completing the constitution amendment process. For additonal assistance or clarifications, please email engage@gatech.edu. 

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History & Timeline 
Constitution Edit Walkthrough
Constitution Update Form (to submit constitutions with completed edits) 
Annual Registration Walkthrough

*Note: Organizations are required to complete both required constitutional amendments AND the annual registration form (with advisor's review and approval) by August 31, 2018. Organizations which have not met each of these requirements will be suspended pending completion. 

History & Timeline 

October - December 2017
The Center for Student Engagement's Student Organizations team completed comprehensive review for 430 registered student organizations (not including social Fraternities & Sororities).

January 2018

Organization leadership notified of required constitution amendements via OrgSync and personalized email. Revised constitutoins available for student leader review in Organization portals. 

January – April 2018

Organization leaders met with Student Engagement, as necessary, to discuss constitution changes. Important Dates:

August 10, 2018
Courtesy suspension notice sent to all organizations (Senior Officer & Advisor) which have not completed required amendments. Organizations which received this notice are not currently suspended.

August 31

Updated Constitutions Due to OrgSync (This deadline has been amended from July 30 to August 31 to aid RSOs in completing their amendments through officer transition).
*Note: Organizations are required to complete both required constitutional amendments AND the annual registration form (with advisor's review and approval) by August 31, 2018. Organizations which have not met each of these requirements will be suspended pending completion. For more information about the annual registration, please click here. 

September 1

Suspension Deadline – All Organizations which have not met above guidelines will be suspended.

Constitution Amendment Walkthrough

Step One: Accessing Your Reviewed Constitution

To access the copy of your constitution with edits from the Student Oganizations team, please first visit your organization's OrgSync portal. Under Files, select the folder "Constitution." Once you have downloaded the file, you will find your edited constitution as well as a coversheet with any additional or clarifying notes. Note: Only Administrators of an OrgSync portal are able to view the revised constitution. To ensure you are an administrator, please visit your portal and select the People tool. Using the dropdown arrow on the left, you can review all groups in your portal including Administrators. If you are the acting Senior Officer and your name is not reflected here, please either 1) request access from an existing Administrator of your portal (e.g., an outgoing officer or advisor) or 2) request access from Student Engagement. For more information on Administrators, click here

Step Two: Updating Your Constitution
Amendments which are required for compliance with JCOC Policy are not obligated to comply with the formal Constitutional Amendment section as listed in your existing constitution. If your organization would like to make amendments beyond those listed in the review, they will be required to follow your organization's formal constitution amendment process. All 

If you have questions or concerns about any edits on your review, please email engage@gatech.edu. To expedite your response time, please organize your email so that all comments/concerns are outlined by Article. 

Step Three: Uploading & Administrative Approval 

Once amendments to your constitution are complete, please upload your revised version to this form. The Student Organizations team will conduct a final review to ensure that all required edits have been completed; from this point, your submission will either be APPROVED (all edits complete, no further action required) or DEFERRED (edits not complete, further editing required). To assist in ensuring the processing for your organziation's constitution progresses quickly and smoothly, please be conscientious in your editing. While organizations' submissions will nto be denied for small grammatical/formatting errors (for instance), constitutions with unclear language, processes, or other challenges will be DEFERRED. 

Step Four: Ensure Your Annual Registration is Complete 
As mentioned above, organizations are required to submit BOTH an annual registration form and complete required constitutional amendments. For more information on Annual Registration, please click here.